There is no denial that embroidery is a big part of fashion these days. Since its re-emergence into style in the year 2017, the love towards embroidery is hardly diminishing rather the trend is still going really strong.  Designers and fashion brands can implement and include embroidery as patches on denim jackets and floral-inspired designs on jeans to intricate patterns flowing on dresses, as embroidery has the ability to enhance the overall look of a garment with its versatile craft.

Irrespective of its production types such as hand-made or machine-made each piece of embroidery is a piece of art. Fashion designers around the world know how impressive and exquisite their design can become if they induct embroideries in their creations and clothing lines.

In this article, we are going to mention four fashion designers who have used embroidery in their garments effectively.


This London-based fashion designer opts for a complex method of embroidery by mapping out every single stitch of a design on a computer and from then on she created her intricate designs while hand-stitching every garment.  Moreover, Alice never compromised with fabrics as she used top-quality material to create luxury garments. Interestingly, her garments are also good for daily wear besides being durable and washable.


This Doha-based Palestinian fashion designer is aiming to bring her country’s traditional cultural heritage through her work. Her use of embroidery patterns known as ‘ Prints of Palestine’ is inspired by special dresses of Palestinian women who wore on special occasions. In order to bring her root back, she incorporated aesthetic values with the help of embroidery but not through stitching through printing. 


Recipient of the 2021 Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, this London-based young designer is leading the pack of designers who are out to change menswear. In her design, Priya incorporates Indian and Nigerian heritage in an awesome way with the perfect blend of embroidery, beading, and bright colours. In one of her menswear labels, she included embroidered sets and high-rise denim with geometric motifs inspired by braids.


Recipient of the prestigious  Vogue Designer Fashion Fund in 2015, Mary Katrantzou is another London-based fashion designer who creates amazingly intricate, quirky pieces, through the use of print, embellishments, beadwork, and embroidery. Born in Greece, to a family of designers Katrantzou developed her passion for interesting prints and patterns and her work nowadays has been worn by many celebrities who love her creative, colorful designs.

There are designers and brands who are inducting and increasing the use of different types of embroideries in their creations and as an embroidery maker ISHANIS we are also providing our embroidery products to many designers around the world. Our embroideries offer both machine design as well as hand-stitching techniques either as per the designers’ suggestions or we can create our own.

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