6 Eco-friendly materials that will make fashion industry better

Our earth is a place where we can opt for the option to live in harmony without polluting the environment. The planet earth has so many resources to make our lives better without crippling ecological balance and the fashion industry realizes that now.

To combat the damaging effects on the environment, the fashion industry these days paves the way to eco-friendly fashion. One of the best ways to adapt the eco-friendly fashion is to go for eco-friendly.

What is Eco-Friendly Fabric?

Eco-friendly fabric, as the name sounds comes from the environment and it has a shelf-life means it is biodegradable. In general, we can say that the types of fabrics that are used to make your different garments or socks cause environmental degradation set up their eco-friendly attributes or eco destruction marks.  We need to create an overall atmosphere where we fabrics used in fashion can reverse the bio hazards.

Effects it make

All over the world fashion designers and brands use all kinds of fabrics to create their products and their choice of fabric directly affects the raw material sourcing such as farming and petroleum drilling, material processing that needed chemicals to turn it into a fiber, and end-of-life prospects mean ways a garment can be disposed of without creating any bio-hazards.

So, we can take a look at the factors of how we can use materials that are eco-friendly, can be recycled or composted easily.

Now it’s the consumers, to buy eco-friendly clothing as they shop for their favourite fashion products.

Here are six eco-friendly fabrics that are trending, with a tag of earthy goodness attached to them.


Bamboo is creating stir by taking the fashion world with its eco-friendly and unique properties. There are brands across the world who are using bamboo in their products. There is no doubt that bamboo has found its way into the fashion world and is used to create trendy, eco-friendly dresses.

2. SOY

Soybean hulls are used to make sustainable clothing. It has some unique properties and features such as – It absorbs dyes quickly and is easy to wash and maintain. Moreover, fabric made from soy is believed to have certain UV-resistant qualities that makes it more suitable as summer and intimate fashion products.

Some more benefits of soy fabric-
It is much easier to care for than its animal-based counterpart,  machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant.
Due to its breathable properties it is perfect for making sportswear.

Soy can also be blended easily with other fibers, enhancing the unique qualities to the fabric.


These days, organic cotton is one of the most sought-after fabrics by sustainable fashion brands. Fashion brands all around the world are looking to explore organic cotton as there is no use of synthetic pesticides during its cultivation.


This material is derived from leftover orange peel. In an interesting development, it has been seen that the Italian Agricultural Department revealed that waste from the juice industry resulted in 700,000 tonnes of discarded orange peel on a yearly basis in Italy alone. Orange Fiber, has a silk-feel line and can be included in apparel such as t-shirts and delicate scarves.


Hemp is the most durable of all-natural fibers. Fabric made from hemp is lightweight and sweat-absorbent, making it ideal for hot weather conditions. Moreover, during its cultivation hemp needs the least amount of pesticides and on the other hand, it adds rich organic matter and renews the soil with each cycle.


Extracted from plant-based materials this fabric i.e.  fiber cellulose is used by organic clothing brands to promote eco-friendly fashion. The fabric is soft and flowing thus ensuring super comfort. Time is right to promote eco-friendly fashion to make the world of fashion more glamorous. We at Ishani’s always offer best materials to our clients that are eco-friendly and sustainable. If you want to know more then visit – https://www.ishanis.com/

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