Process Followed By Ishani To Give The Best Results To Client?

Embroidery is an intrinsic work of art and culmination of patience, skill, expertise, experience, and legacy. In order to provide the best results to our clients, we at Ishani follow a synchronized and meticulous step-by-step process protocol.

Each step holds utmost in this process because one wrong step can be disastrous. Our clients who come from both India and other countries such as France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc are very particular about their needs and end-product quality. Over the years Ishani has championed the process of creating world-class embroidery for its clients who come from all around the globe.

Let’s take  a look at different steps of the process that help to produce the best result for our clients-

Conceptualizing :
The entire process starts from here and you can call it a base camp from where everything is planned. Conceptualizing is supported by drawing and artwork which helps to determine the shapes and intricacies involved at the later stages;

Pattern Making: Once the artwork and design are finalized then comes the term of making patterns. We have several ways of making patterns that ensure the perfect execution that our clients are looking for when getting imprinted.

Software DXf File: A DXF file is a drawing file used by autocad, most graphics programs can convert to autocad. Once we convert the graphics into an autocad file we will have exact idea how it will look on the dress. Our  Modular Software Suite extend our software functionality with Digitizing Tools, Cross Stitch, Iconizer, etc which offers more control over the end result.

Raw Material Procurement: Once the design is finalised team Ishani is on the lookout for the best material that is needed to produce the embroidery that its client has asked for. The procurement team of Ishani collects the best quality raw materials from all over India.

Swatch & Sample:  You can call it a quality control process where we make samples to make sure the end product maintains the highest level of standard when it comes to quality. Once our quality control team is satisfied with the sampling then we go for production.  But before that, we always make sure that our customer is also happy with the samples.

Production: Once everything is done and finalized then we are ready for final production. Here, we follow each and every necessary step meticulously to avoid any untoward incident that may spoil the end product. We always produce world-class products which can be certified by our clients.

Work of Qualified Team: Team Ishani is full of experience and expertise from Artisans to researchers to raw material procurement. We stop at nothing but the best. Our team always keeps a close watch on the fashion industry and its latest trends while proactively working on future trends.  Researchers of Team Ishani  also look for different eco-friendly products as well as different recyclable materials that we can use for our embroideries.  Sourcing is done from all over India whereas we also do machine embroideries.

All the above steps help us to give best result for our client.

You can either visit our site or you can send us your email at –  info@ishani.In to know more about our offers.

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