Importance of quality and exclusivity in Embroidery 

Specialty is the name of the game ——-  Ishani

 Embroidery is an art game played with a needle and threads and over for decades, it has played an important role in enhancing the overall value and beauty of the fabric as well as overall fashion. Embroidery, especially handmade embroidery bears exclusivity and legacy. In the world of fashion, embroidery brings in a special touch that sets the end product apart from everything.

One cannot deny that the fashion world is always on the hunt for exclusive fabrics that are produced in complex loom under careful supervision which needs loads of knowledge and expertise in the craft. The fashion world embraces embroidery with open arms and constantly evolving. There are numerous instances where embroidered patterns can be seen in T-shirts, caps, jackets, gowns, haute couture even in golf club covers.

There are many things that influence the quality and exclusivity of embroidery, let’s have a look at those –

1) Legacy – Each type of embroidery bears cultural and heritage legacy especially hand-made ones. They are so exclusive and refined in nature that big fashion brands and designers are always on the lookout for these types of embroidery. This legacy embroidery is not available everywhere in this world as they are very much location-specific.

2) Luxury – When it comes to luxury when cannot think of anything but quality. One of the most important factors in luxury embroidery is the rarity of fabrics. . Embroidered lace, sequined tulle, fringed chiffon, appliqued wool, laser-cut silk or cotton, cashmere, and organic silk are instances of luxury fabrics. Embroideries created from these fabrics or on these fabrics are examples of very high-quality and along with that involvement of needle use, colours and sewing styles. Moreover, embroidery created based on these fabrics are always in demand for high-fashion looks.

3) Expertise – The quality of any fashion product depends heavily on the person who created it and it is the same for embroidery. In the case of handmade embroidery, highly skilled experts are needed to perform the intricacies of any particular traditional or heritage embroidery style otherwise end product can end up in the trash bin. Think of embroideries such as gorgeous brocade, beaded guipure lace, zardozi, and other traditional styles of embroideries, they need experts to create exceptional end products.

4) Needle – Finer and intricate details of high-quality embroideries are only possible if the quality is super good and sharp. Moreover, for different types of embroideries needles sometimes are different and special. Everything needs to be perfect to get the proper quality and to create an exclusive feeling.

5) Thread Quality – Quality of threads can break or make your fashion collection when it comes to embroidery. There are two reasons that can tell you why one must stay away from lower-quality threads
a) Lower quality threads are more likely to break during production, which can cause imperfections in the detail of the logo etc.
b) Lower quality threads are unpredictable in the dyeing process, which can cause inconsistencies.

High-quality threads ensure that the product remains exclusive and top-class.
Ishani knows the intricacies of high-quality embroidery and offers a wide range of world-class embroideries adored by top fashion brands around the world.
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Enjoy your fashion.


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