Why Indian embroidery artisans are world renowned?

India is known for its art and craft as well as its creativity. This is not the case in recent years, if you dig deep in history you will find innumerable examples of Indian art, craft, and creativity. A wide array of architectural monuments, palaces, temples, mosques, churches, and a wide range of cultural vibrancy enhances India’s overall image as a nation of a diversified creative horizon.

Over the years, cultural heritage and creative legacy giving India an edge over every other country especially when it comes to embroidery. The art of embroidery in India is not confined to a certain range of designs or color palates but an entire gamut of high-level expertise that blends extremely well with inherited creativity.

Indian embroidery artisans integrate culture and customs into these said art and craft and they are so diverse in patterns, designs and colours that these embroidered beauties have been applauded by every fashion lovers around the world.

Specialties of Indian Artisans

  1. Traditional Knowledge: Generation after generation the legacy is carrying the intricacies 
  2. Huge talent base
  3. Immaculate skill set
  4. Quality material handling
  5. Dedication to the craft

There are more into it of course. Each artisan represents special legacy and rich heritage which make their effort unique and their creations unbelievably excellent.

One can ask why they never shy away from producing contentious excellence year after year?

The answer is simple but it has a few layers in it. Let’s explain a bit more.

Indian embroidery artisans are committed to bearing the legacy of their ancestors. While carrying the country and the creative identity and emotions with them. All Indian embroidery artisans have a powerful aesthetic inheritance, they are well aware of the fact that their crafts are appreciated all over the world and they are determined to continue to be appreciated for both their beautiful embroideries and for what they represent.
The special nature of artisanal products like embroidery derives from their distinctive features, which can be utilitarian, aesthetic, creative, culturally attached, decorative, functional, traditional, religiously, and socially symbolic and significant.

All this means they are always ready to give their best to produce a style that is needed by the fashion world. Moreover, their works are immensely valued and they know that really well. While crafting their work they are so keen to set a new benchmark for themselves.

Moreover, Indian embroidery artisans can also produce a conventional, modern, combination of conventional and modern which they have adopted with time to stay ahead in the competition. As discussed earlier in this article, conventional embroidery designs are age-old and traditional designs. While modern designs are in keeping with the changes in consumer preferences and tastes. Conventional and modern is a combination of both types. Indian artisans know how to blend their skills and experience to deliver recent times’ demands.

Lastly, these artisans are well looked after by their employers as well as the government to some extent. Because both know for a fact that these artisans are making India proud on global platforms.


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